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Sales 9/27/14

Received selling permission on July 14th 2012.
Prices don't include shipping. Feedback located here. I will take offers on most things.
I do accept trades for things on my wishlist, or my non sm wishlist, and harry potter merch (mostly plushies and replicas).

9/17/15 - please message or comment for available items

SM wishlist (main)
DOLLS (In box only, box should have minimal wear, all pieces must be present. Not too particular about tape as long as the doll was put back perfectly.)

R Team: Moon, Usagi, Minako, Rei, Ami, Makoto, Chibiusa (low priority- wedding & serenity)
S Team: Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Chibimoon, Moon, talking moon
Excellent Saturn, crisis Moon
Sukisuki: Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars
Stars beauty change: Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Fighter, ESM
*World: Neptune, Chibiusa, Moon w/ extra outfit, Chibimoon w/ extra outfit, Super Moon, Saturn with correct boots
Pretty Face 11 in- Tux, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Super Moon, Wicked Lady, Wicked Lady & Chibimoon box set, Serenity

*PLUSH (Must have both tags)
4 Luna*
10 Artemis*
106 Moon*
107 Chibimoon*
112 Cere Cere*
113 Palla Palla*
114 Ves Ves*
115 Jun Jun*
117 Neptune
118 Uranus
121-123 Starlights
124-125 Chibichibi
bandai cats
LARGE sm/cm plush
sm world puppets (2) , plush set of 6

*CARDS (No scratches, dents, etc)
Bandai Jumbo Carddass- 44, 46, 47, 48, 51, S movie promo, world promo
Mecca Harajuku pencil boards, desk board
mecca, nakayoshi and runrun telephone cards

HGIF figures sets 1-5
Megahouse cutie set of 5
*Super chibimoon Omake (2nd set, does not need box as long as all pieces are present)
*Petite- maker, fighter, healer, ESM, Uranus, Neptune, SSM, moon with second pose/wand (good condition in box)
Excellent- Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, Fighter, Maker, Healer, Chibimoon, SSM (loose fine, want all pieces)
All inners transformation wands, ginzuishou, time key
Unpainted figs- basically all but the inners (inners very low priority)
chibichibi house set (or just the figure)
Casual magnet set (cooking makoto, chibiusa in swimsuit, etc..)
sailor sweet figures- moon, mercury, jupiter, venus, mars, pluto, uranus, neptune. chibimoon (must have all pieces)

Time Key (not be peeling/tarnished, with bag)
Tuxedo mask shiny gold glasses
gold card "sailor moon forever"
40th anniversary manga shitajiki with black dresses and pink hair
Chibiusa backpack
the two off white bags with chibichibi on them
the white bag with blue and pink colored images of the senshi
Card file with 12 manga cards
any anniversary items (clearfile, pillows, etc)
any stickers, random envelopes, etc that I don't have

*CANDY TOYS (no major damage, box preferred for supers and classic world sets, others loose is fine)
I really want the italic ones, and need the regular ones.
supers w/ reve: twinkle bell, henshin rod, reve
Bandai S set: spiral rod/pluto talisman, watch/ring set
world classic set: odangos/star compact
morinaga: taller and shorter R versions of henshin sticks, supers twinkle bell, supers moon brooch, supers inner henshin stick, (low priority- kaleido wand and pegasus arm band), stars article and wand, time key
Bandai R set- inner henshin stick/guinzuishou, communicator watches
Bandai Supers/S matching boxes- supers cm compact, S cm compact, S moon/cm wands

*Yutaka keychain- Tux with cane
S ice cube tray
1000 edition posters (falling esm, standing esm, 10 senshi on ice, swim suits*)

yellow peach john cats pajama set
Premium BanDai gold time key necklace, NQS ring
Q-pot: luna coaster
spinnz comsic heart purse
isetan x honey bunch (white pegasus shirt, rp items dress, long blue bow sweater, crescent zipper black sweater, large bag in blue)
isetan x samantha vega (luna purse, black kitty wallet)
isetan x anna sui (purple crystal star necklace)
isetan x  (long white boho moon kingdom skirt)
Pbandai relaxing wear pink RP set
tralala - dark blue skirt

isetanCollapse )

Figuarts - tux
Figuarts zero, crystal zero (all)

everything else:
Miracle Romance - jup and venus double pack eyeliners
proplica - spiral wand, crystal star brooch, moon stick, cutie rod, cosmic brooch, star locket, kaleido wand
moonlight memory - prism compact, cosmic brooch, crystal star brooch
serenity and human luna pullips, NQS, mistress 9
Pbandai Usagi bed cover
Literally any and all promo items~ Chocola BB joma, aniON, Q-pot, ministop, bonus items from DVD/CD releases, Tcards/quo cards and bonus items, seals, *anything*

Plus all this xDCollapse )

Mad Tea Party
Studio Canopus
Pale Lilac

Resin kits

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